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March 23, 2017

A Good Business Loan Package

In today’s lending environment, it is more important than ever to have a complete, organized and well prepared commercial loan package when approaching a lender for a loan. Below you will find the components of a typical business loan package.  This does not cover everything a potential lender may ask for, but will get you […]

August 11, 2016

Hard Money Lending in Your IRA

We’ve had the privilege of doing a few deals this year funded by Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).  To be more specific, these deals were funded by self directed IRA’s (SDIRA). The process was actually pretty simple and it was a great way for our clients to fund private money / hard money deals from money […]

June 6, 2016

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Dun and Bradstreet. The Credit Report for Business.

Often the small business owner is tied directly to the company through the credit report. This works well creating a global cash flow picture as well as payment history. The issue is activity and the antiquated scoring of the system. First, when the small business owner sets out the only way of determining if the […]

Small Business Leasing, it’s Back.

Equipment Finance (or leasing) continues its evolution. It was not long ago anyone anywhere could ‘lease’ equipment. Then the bubble burst. Equipment brokers and leasing companies went out of business even more rapidly than the small businesses they helped finance. Issues were 3 fold: Cash Flow: Leasing companies were inundated with companies not able to […]

Multifamily Financing for the Little Guy

Now may be the time buy… Low rates, low vacancy, low prices. Are we at the bottom of the market? Nobody really knows, however this is what we know. Interest rates remain low. Fannie Mae 10 year rate is as low as 4.80% today. Many investors I work with used rates (post 2007) in the […]

Small Business Bill 2010 Passes Senate

The U.S. Senate passed the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act last week and it is expected to pass the house this week. This is a pretty big deal although you may not have heard much about it. The following summary (long, but very good) is from United States Senate Committee on Finance.  I’ve also […]

Prime Rate and your Commercial Loan

I had a nice chat with a client this week about the prime rate and whether or not to leave their commercial loan of credit tied to prime, or to get a fixed rate.  The downside to getting a fixed rate is that the current fixed rate is higher than their current variable rate, which […]

SBA Extends Guarantee

The SBA has extended the SBA guarantee to March 28, 2010. This protects the 90% guarantee and the waiver of SBA fees for a little while longer and is estimated support another $1.8 Billions in SBA loans.  More importantly, it keeps banks a little bit more flexible in their underwriting.  See the actual SBA press […]

New IRA Loan without Tax Penalties

Now you can tap the money in most IRA’s and 401k’s* without tax penalty and very low rates with Hyak Financial: Rates at LIBOR + 2.3% to LIBOR + 2.9% (currently around 4%!) Up to 95% of the value of your retirement account Tax Accountants and Attorneys handle the process Entire Process Takes Less than […]

Commercial Lending Product Udpate

Just a quick post to let you know about a couple of new commercial loan products Hyak Financial is offering: Development Funds (Private Trading Platforms) I’ve seen a lot of Private Trading Platform funds coming available in recent months.  Although this is not a traditional funding source, it appears to be an excellent product for […]