Hard Money Lending in Your IRA

We've had the privilege of doing a few deals this year funded by Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).  To be more specific, these deals were funded by self directed IRA's (SDIRA). The process was actually pretty simple and it was a great way for our clients to fund private money / hard money deals from money [...]

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Small Business Leasing, it’s Back.

Equipment Finance (or leasing) continues its evolution. It was not long ago anyone anywhere could ‘lease’ equipment. Then the bubble burst. Equipment brokers and leasing companies went out of business even more rapidly than the small businesses they helped finance. Issues were 3 fold: Cash Flow: Leasing companies were inundated with companies not able to [...]

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New IRA Loan without Tax Penalties

Now you can tap the money in most IRA's and 401k's* without tax penalty and very low rates with Hyak Financial: Rates at LIBOR + 2.3% to LIBOR + 2.9% (currently around 4%!) Up to 95% of the value of your retirement account Tax Accountants and Attorneys handle the process Entire Process Takes Less than [...]

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