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Commercial Lending Product Udpate

Just a quick post to let you know about a couple of new commercial loan products Hyak Financial is offering:

Development Funds (Private Trading Platforms)

I’ve seen a lot of Private Trading Platform funds coming available in recent months.  Although this is not a traditional funding source, it appears to be an excellent product for ‘qualified’ developers with good projects.

  • For Development Projects $5-100 million in size.
  • Developer/Project Owner must have cash (and prove it), usually 10-15% of project cost.
  • Cash is put into either a CD or US Treasuries in the borrowers name.
  • Project is Qualified and then Funded, in many cases this is non-recourse.

Securities Financing

A Securities Loan allows investors to borrow against their securities portfolio to create liquidity while staying in the market and enjoy the benefits of dual appreciable assets at once.

  • Can borrow up to 80% or more of the value of your security
  • No maximum loan amount
  • Interest Rate can be as low as 4%!
  • Non-Recourse – no credit bureau reporting
  • Response typically within 48 hours of receipt of quarterly report, securities statement, etc.
  • Funding within 7 to 10 days from contract execution
  • May be used to purchase real estate outright, pay off a hard money loan and more…
  • Loan is NOT securitized by real estate
  • Maintain ownership of stocks and gain if your securities rise.

SBA Financing (7A & 504) and USDA

We have several lenders being very aggressive with their SBA and USDA programs as well.

  • Financing for Restaurants and Franchises Available
  • 7A Financing for Gas Stations and C-Stores (Up to $2 million)
  • Average LTV on SBA transactions is 85%
  • USDA B & I Loans for Rural Populations (Under 50k), used for acquisition, repair, modernization and more.

Of course we still have financing for owner-occupied real estate, multi-family, and more.

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